Puyallup Man Wins Two Scratch Top Prizes in One Day

Cary Collings of Puyallup won a total of $255,555 in one day.

Cary Collings of Puyallup won a total of $255,555 in one day. Credit: Facebook
Cary Collings of Puyallup won a total of $255,555 in one day. Credit: Facebook
Talk about being lucky, as one Puyallup man recently became a two-time lottery winner in 24 hours.

On Thursday, June 13, Cary Collings purchased a couple of tickets while getting gas at the River Road Food Mart on River Road in Puyallup.

The 61-year-old man scratched the tickets at a traffic light and realized he'd won the $55,555 “Red Hot 5’s” Scratch top prize. Collings immediately called his wife to share the good news.

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The next morning, Collings left work early to claim his prize at the Washington’s Lottery Federal Way Regional office. 

Afterward, he went to buy a pizza for lunch. While he was waiting, Collings went next door to the Fred Meyer on Meridian in Puyallup to purchase three “Bring on Bens” Scratch tickets. 

He realized he won the $200,000 top prize after scratching the first ticket, rounding out his total winnings at $255,555 in one day. 

Collings, a Puyallup resident for 34 years, plans to pay off debt with the first win and is still deciding what he’d like to do with the second win. He returned to his job at the Auburn Boeing branch the day he claimed his prizes and plans to continue work. 

Collings plays Washington’s Lottery Scratch games regularly, and usually purchases $5 tickets. These are his first and second big wins.


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