Barn Owl Found Injured on Puyallup River Released Into the Wild

A barn owl found tangled in an old fishing line on the Puyallup River has been healing in an Arlington sanctuary and was just released back into the wild.

The Tacoma Fire Department posted this on their blog today about a barn owl found tangled in an old fishing line along the Puyallup River back in October:

Tacoma Firefighters were on hand yesterday to watch the release of a recently rescued Barn Owl.  The adult male owl has been recuperating at the Sarvey Wildlife Care Center, (Arlington, WA) for injuries sustained while ensnared in old fishing line left dangling from a tree on the banks of the Puyallup River. After four weeks of convalescence, the fully recovered owl was released near the river at dusk last night.

Glad to hear the owl made a full recovery!


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