Puyallup Police Blotter: Purse Snatched Outside 7-11, Possession of Burglary Tools at Walmart and More

The following arrest information from Nov. 12 - 16, 2012 has been supplied by the Puyallup Police Department. It does not indicate a conviction.

NOV. 12, 2012

Criminal Trespass, Obstructing: A man drinking alone at Cheers threatened to kill a waitress if she brought him water instead of alcohol and he refused to leave. When officers arrived on scene he tried to run away and knocked down several chairs and got confrontational. He was indefinitely trespassed from the bar; the waitress declined to press charges.

DUI: A drunk driver rear ended another car on Shaw Road and E. Pioneer.

Vehicle Prowl: An employee at the Olive Garden reported that her car window was smashed in and her Coach purse stolen while she was working.

Vehicle Prowl: Work equipment and electronics were stolen from a car parked at the Glenbrooke Apartments sometime over night.

Vehicle Theft: A black 1991 Nissan 200SX parked outside a residence on 12th Ave. SE was stolen. It was located on 128th and 214th Ave. E. in Pierce County.

Residential Burglary: An unknown intruder entered a home at the Fairview Apartments on 9th Ave. SW through an open kitchen window and stole a laptop and prescription pills.

Runaway: A 17-year-old refused to do his homework so he left his house and was reported to be staying with friends.

NOV. 13, 2012

Shoplifting: A man was arrested for attempting to steal tools from Walmart.

Vehicle Prowl: A cellphone, laptop and purse were stolen from a vehicle parked outside Famous Dave’s Restaurant. The window was smashed to gain entry.

Vehicle Prowl: A man who was a passenger in a while Chevrolet Caprice smashed a car window and stole valuables from it. The car was parked outside of the Olive Garden.

Vehicle Prowl: An unknown man wearing dark clothing and associated with a dark-colored older pickup (possibly a Ford Ranger or Mazda) smashed a victim’s car windows and stole a carton of cigarettes and GPS unit.

Vehicle Prowl: A car parked at the Rock Pizza had it’s window smashed in and a loaded Kimber .45 was stolen from the center console, as well as a loaded magazine from the glove department.

NOV. 14, 2012

Residential Burglary: The owner of a residence on 7th St. SE reported that someone entered her home through an unlocked kitchen window and stole some jewelry, a TV, a passport and some money.

Minor in Consumption/Recovered Runaway: Two 15-year-olds were stopped for tobacco violations. One was listed as a runaway and the other was intoxicated. The intoxicated one was cited with minor in consumption and both were released to their parents.

Purse Snatching: A woman was walking to the 7-11 store on 900 South Meridian to meet her landlord and drop off rent money when a man ran past her and stole her purse off her shoulder and continued running. He was described as a Latino male, approximately 25 years old wearing a zipped-up blue coat.

Shoplifting, Possession of Burglary Tools: Two individuals were arrested inside Walmart for attempting to open a locked electronics display and locked ammunition display with filed down keys. They were unsuccessful and one of the individuals was witnessed trying to open them with a pocket knife. Both were arrested for shoplifting. One of the men had a window punch on his person and was also in possession of prescription meds.

Domestic Assault: A man was witnessed punching his girlfriend in a parked car at the Burger King on River Road. The victim was not cooperative but the witness statement was very clear. The man was also seen driving and he had a suspended license. He was arrested for outstanding warrants.

DUI: A driver stopped her car in the middle of the roadway on 2nd Ave. NE and was seen driving backward down the street with no tail lights. She was determined to be impaired and admitted to drinking at Forbidden City and a private residence. She was over double legal limit and this was her third DUI. 

Vehicle Prowl: Several trucks were prowled at Insulation NW on Valley Ave. NW.

Vehicle Prowl: A window was smashed in a car at Meridian Pointe Apartments and a computer, wallet and purse were stolen. The purse was later located at the corner of Valley Ave. and 61st Street.

Burglary: A fenced yard was burglarized. The fence was destroyed and a large amount of copper was stolen from a renovation project.

NOV. 15, 2012

Domestic Dispute: Two Freezing Nights guests got into an argument on West Main.

Theft/Vandalism: The coin boxes on three commercial washing machines at City Laundramat were pried open and damaged to get the quarters inside. 

NOV. 16, 2012

Theft/Trafficking of Stolen Property: A resident called St. Francis House to donate some items and two men came to pick it up. One of the helpers asked to use the man’s bathroom and he stole a necklace from a shelf. He pawned the item but confessed to police and the necklace was recovered.

Motor Vehicle Theft: A car was stolen from the Viking Co-Op on 7th St. SE.

Vehicle Prowl: A car parked outside the Ram Brewery had its windows smashed in and a laptop bag was stolen.

Vehicle Prowls: Four vehicles were prowled in the HG Bistro parking lot between 7 p.m. and 11 p.m. Multiple items were stolen from all the cars and all were entered through smashed windows.

Report of Vehicle Theft: A Mercedes was reported as stolen immediately after it sped down the parking lane at the Riverside Park Apartments and crashed into a pick-up. The collision sent the pick-up into the car next to it, and then into a third car. One of the posts that supports the carport roof was snapped off at the top and bottom. Two people were seen running away but no one could be placed behind the wheel.

Vehicle Theft/Recovery: A couple went shopping at Goodwill when the man said he forgot his credit card in the car. She gave him the keys and he took off in her Camaro. The car was later impounded in downtown Seattle, still in drivable condition.


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