Puyallup Police Reports: Man Assaulted While Waiting in Drive-Thru, Drunk Driver Stuck on Railroad Tracks and More

The following arrest information has been supplied by the Puyallup Police Department. It does not indicate a conviction.

OCT. 12, 2012

Assault: A man waiting in the drive-thru line at Taco Bell on South Meridian with his two small children became frustrated with a car holding up the line and honked his horn. Two men exited a vehicle two in front of his and challenged the victim outside his car. The man rolled down his window and was punched in the ear by one of the suspects. The two men were able to get their food and flee the area in a red Honda Prelude before police arrived. The suspects are described as two white men; one with lip piercings and the other with tear drop tattoos on his face.

Vehicle vs. Pedestrian Injury Collision: A 77-year-old man was hit by a car after he left the Puyallup Eagles Club. (Read more from Puyallup Police).

Domestic Violence: Officers responded to the Valley Bank parking lot on South Meridian for a report of a woman who claimed her boyfriend struck her and bit her hand during a confrontation, then fled back to their residence in Sumner. The victim had blood on her hand and face and was crying. Officers detained the suspect at his residence and he resisted. He struck an officer in the nose before he was restrained. The officer was treated at a nearby hospital and released. The suspect was also transported to the hospital--not for injuries from the officers, but by his girlfriend’s high heel shoe. He was booked into Pierce County Jail for domestic assault, resisting arrest and assaulting a police officer.  

Shoplifting: A woman was arrested for attempting to steal cosmetics from Walmart. After being detained, she gave another female’s identification card to conceal a felony warrant, but immediately admitted to this when confronted.

Residential Burglary/Stolen Firearm: Unknown suspects pried open the basement door to a residence on Woodland Ave. and two guns were stolen from the victim’s bedroom dresser–a .38 Ruger and .40 Smith and Wesson semi-automatic. Other guns and valuables were left behind.

Interrupted Burglary Prowl: A victim at a residence on 13th St. SW arrived home to find a white male in his 20s carrying some tools up to the rear area of his house. There was no forced entry to the home or damage to the door, but a dark colored Honda was seen fleeing the area following the suspect.

Stolen Vehicle: A Puyallup Police officer ran the plates of a car parked at the Shell Station on Valley Ave. NE and discovered it had been stolen. The male driver and female passenger were detained, and the man told police he “borrowed” the car from a woman on River Road and had the entire set of keys. The man was arrested for a DUI warrant, occupying a stolen vehicle and driving with a suspended license.

OCT. 13, 2012

Shoplifting: A 15-year-old girl was arrested for attempting to steal “tester” make up items and other merchandise from the South Hill Mall JCPenney.

Residential Burglary: Unknown suspects entered a home on 15th Ave. SW by shattering a side window. Two motion-sense light bulbs were reporting missing, as was jewelry, electronics and a coin collection.

DUI: A man took a “wrong turn” and drove his car down the BNSF railroad tracks from 15th St. SE and became lodged on the tracks struck a rail switch and popped three of his tires. The man told police he thought he was turning onto E Pioneer, and attempted to drive off the tracks but got stuck. The suspect was observed by one witness, and actually called 911 himself after he got stuck and a train was approaching. Fortunately for him, the train was on another track. The man admitted to drinking alcohol at Bumpy’s prior to driving, and exhibited signs of impairment. He was arrested for DUI and had a BAC almost double the legal limit. He also had a commercial driving license.

Shoplifting: A man was arrested after stealing almost $300 worth of merchandise from the South Hill Mall Macy’s. He told police he recently relapsed into drug use and was going to sell the clothing for drugs.

Theft: A man was cited for theft after he stole $500 in paint and attempted to return it to Miller Paint for a gift card. He then attempted to sell the gift card.

Trespassing: Two suspicious people were reported to be prowling the yard of a vacant home for sale on 21st St. SW. Police found them walking around the property; one of the suspects told police she had just stopped in to change her underwear.

OCT. 14, 2012

Theft, Trespassing: A woman was arrested for attempting to steal two sweatshirts from Walmart on 31st Ave. SE. She had been trespassed previously and told police she was going to steal the merchandise for her drug addiction.

DUI: Witnesses called police to report a motorcycle rider down near Red Robin. Some people stopped to help the driver get back on, but he wobbled and nearly crashed again in the mall parking lot. The man smelled strongly of alcohol and was arrested for DUI, his BAC was almost three times the legal limit.

Shoplifting: A man was arrested at the Sportsman’s Warehouse after he removed the tag from a $289 backpack and attempted to leave with it on his shoulder.

Car Theft: A 1996 Honda was stolen from the Crossroads Apartment complex on North Meridian. The car is lowered with gold rims.

Burglary: The caretaker at Wildwood Park reported that unknown suspects cut the padlock to one of the park shelters and stole a campside stove, valued at $60.

Residential Burglary: Unknown suspects entered a residence on 7th Ave. SE through a window and stole a tin box filled with silver dollars.

Lauren Padgett October 16, 2012 at 02:03 AM
I know, right? You know what tear drop face tattoos are all about... :-/
Rhonda October 16, 2012 at 03:57 AM
Hi...do you have any info about the 3 burglaries last night at the Trio Condos on South Hill? 3 units were robbed via windows as people slept! Scary! And guns were stolen as well. If you know of anything and/or could update that would be great!
Lauren Padgett October 16, 2012 at 04:13 AM
Thanks for asking, Rhonda! We'll contact the police department and keep you posted on what we find out.
Rhonda October 16, 2012 at 04:36 AM
Thanks Lauren! My son and his fiance just moved there over the weekend and it was in their building, so they are a bit afraid to live there now. It is a gated community off of 97th St. E. so it appears odd...I appreciate you looking into it.
Lauren Padgett October 17, 2012 at 03:59 PM
Anytime! Just a heads up I talked to Puyallup PD and that area is considered unincorporated Pierce County so I have to talk with the Sheriff Dept, that's why it's taking a bit to find out. Thanks!


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