Puyallup Police Reports: Man Robbed and Beaten Outside Library, Stolen Seahawks BBQ Cover and More

The following crime and arrest information from Nov. 4-11, 2012 has been supplied by the Puyallup Police Department. It does not indicate a conviction.

NOV. 4, 2012

Shoplifting: Two individuals were caught stealing makeup and rifle brackets from Walmart.

DUI/Collision: A woman driving in Puyallup after the Seahawks game rear ended a stopped vehicle at an intersection and deployed both airbags in her car. She was arrested for DUI.

Wire Theft: Wires were stolen from light poles at the old Lowes Hardware store.

Shoplifting: A suspect was arrested for stealing Under Armor pants from Sportsman Warehouse.

NOV. 5, 2012

Robbery: A man sitting outside the Puyallup Library using his laptop was assaulted. He was punched and kicked, and the two suspects struck him with a club before stealing his laptop and fleeing on foot. Two suspects were detained and confessed to the crime. One suspect is still at large and the victim’s laptop has not been recovered.

Order Violation: A man released from jail was court-ordered from returning to his home. He promptly violated the order and was found inside the home, eating a doughnut and drinking milk. He was booked again.

Vehicle Recovery: A vehicle stolen from Auburn was recovered with no apparent damage.

Vehicle Prowl: A vehicle’s windows were smashed in and several items were stolen, including a sleeping bag and badminton set.

Vehicle Recovery: A stolen vehicle was recovered from a Sound Transit parking lot. It had a flat tire and ignition damage, but the plates were still attached.

Vehicle Prowl: Sometime between midnight and 7 a.m., unknown suspects broke into a car on 9th St. SW and stole vehicle licensing information from a car.

Vehicle Prowl: Sometime over night, a woman’s car was broken into while parked outside her apartment on 9th St. SE. Several electronics and makeup were stolen. About the same time, another resident’s car was broken into and several items were also stolen.

Vehicle Prowl: A car was broken into on 4th Ave. NW and the lock was pried and damaged. Several items were stolen.

Burglary: Two semi trailers on the Serta property were broken into. The locks were cut and the trailers emptied.

Theft of Vehicle Part: The taillights of a car parked in the Toyota of Puyallup parking lot were cut and stolen.

Damage to Property: A car parked in the Walmart parking lot was shot with a BB or pellet gun.

Vandalism: Three power boxes on Forest Green Boulevard and Shaw Road were vandalized with graffiti.

NOV. 7, 2012

Shoplifting: A 17-year-old teen was detained and then released to her parents after she was caught stealing cosmetics from Walmart.

Attempted Burglary/K-9 Capture: A homeowner on 12th St. Ct. SW. reported that he heard someone trying to break in to his home. Officers saw movement outside the house; units set up and K9 Marshall tracked the suspect to where he was hiding in the grass nearby. The homeowner had allowed the suspect to stay at his house previously but he was not welcome that night. The man was booked into Pierce County Jail.

Shoplifting, Possession: A man was arrested after he walked out of Walmart with a computer router in his hand that he didn’t pay for. He had a single Oxycodone pill in his possession, plus a large amount of cash. He also had a warrant from Fife against him.

NOV. 8, 2012

Missing Juvenile Found: A 15-year-old girl ran away from her parents while they were dining at Five Guys Burgers and Fries. She was located by her parents some distance away from the restaurant and was considered a flight risk. She was placed into protective custody.

Domestic Violence: A man was extremely intoxicated and attempted to physically kick his 15-year-old son from his home on 29th Ave. Ct. SW. When the mother intervened, he pushed her into a wall so hard it caused a hole in the wall from her head. When officers arrived on scene, he was deflating his wife’s car tires so she couldn’t leave. He was arrested and booked for domestic violence, domestic violence malicious mischief and obstructing.

Shoplifting, Recovered Runaway: A 13-year-old girl was caught trying to steal over $600 worth of men’s shirts from Macy’s, which she attempted to hide in a stroller. She was listed as a runaway from Lakewood.

Vehicle Prowl: An armed Chevy pickup was parked on 7th St. NW and broken into. A pair of headphones was stolen.

Involuntary Commit: A man called a crisis line to say he was going to harm himself with a handgun and was going to get bullets from a friend. He was tracked by his cell phone to the Riverwalk Trail and was eventually committed. He did not have a weapon. While police responded to this incident, another male was contacted in the bushes along the trail. He said he wasn’t feeling well and was thinking of harming himself. Both subjects were transported together to a hospital for evaluation.

NOV. 9, 2012

Minor Intoxicated: A 15-year-old was at a Puyallup High School function and appeared to be under the influence of alcohol. She admitted to drinking 9 shots of alcohol and was over double the legal limit.

DUI: A driver was pulled over for speeding and not using proper signaling and was found to be impaired. The driver admitted to drinking at Wayne’s Inn and was arrested for DUI.

DUI: A driver was pulled over for improper lane change after cutting off another vehicle and nearly causing a collision. He was found to be impaired and admitted to drinking at Bumpy’s.

DUI: A driver was stopped for a lane violation on 5th Ave NE. She was found to be impaired and arrested for DUI.

DUI: A man was stopped after he reversed in the Cheers parking lot and recklessly spun his tires out and drove up on the shrubbery. He admitted to drinking at Cheers and Wayne’s.

DUI: A driver was stopped on East Main Ave. after a witness saw him driving over the center line. He was found to be impaired and arrested for DUI.

Commercial Burglary: An alarm went off at American Legion Hall, and it appeared a kitchen window had been smashed. The only items missing were some frozen bratwurst from the freezer and a wooden dowel from the window.

NOV. 10, 2012

Vehicle Prowl: During the evening dinner rush, three vehicles had their windows smashed while parked outside Mama’s Stortini’s Restaurant. Items stolen included a bag with passports and airline tickets inside.

DUI: Two people were arrested for DUI – one on E. Pioneer and another on S. Meridian.

Theft: A resident on 15th St. SE reported that sometime overnight, a Seahawks-themed BBQ cover was stolen from their backyard.

Theft: Two nurses at Life Care Center reported that their purses were stolen during their work shifts. A resident also reported that some cash was stolen from her room.

NOV. 11, 2012

DUI: A vendor at the Showplex drove his vehicle onto the Puyallup Fairgrounds to gather his belongings and backed into another vendor’s table. He was impaired.

Damage to City Property: An officer found damage to several lights and a park bench at Puyallup City Hall. The damage was believed to be done sometime over the weekend.


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