Puyallup Police Reports: Wanted Man Caught Snapping Photos Outside Junior High, Disturbed Man Jumps on Passing Cars

Read the lastest crime reports for Jan. 30, 2012 to Feb. 10, 2013 from the Puyallup Police Department.

JAN. 30, 2013

Warrant Arrest, Suspicious Activity: A man with “definite mental health issues” was spotted taking photos of Aylen Junior High from the sidewalk on the west side. He had no real excuse for being there and was arrested for a warrant from the Washington State Patrol. 

Residential Burglary: Unknown suspects smashed the back slider of a home on 39th Ave. SW and stole a significant amount of jewelry from inside.

FEB. 1, 2013

Vehicle Prowl: A woman left her purse locked in her vehicle outside the Alphabet Preschool on E. Pioneer while she dropped her child off inside, and came back a few minutes later to her window smashed and purse stolen. Her credit cards were used within minutes in Sumner and Algona. 

FEB. 2, 2013

Theft: A woman stole 8 purses from TJ Maxx, valued at over $1500. She is described as Hispanic, in her 30s, about 5 feet tall and 180 pounds. She left the scene in a white Chevy Cavalier and is suspected to be behind numerous thefts in town.

Burglary: Unknown suspects entered a residence for sale on W. Stewart and stole all of the copper plumbing inside.

FEB. 3, 2013

Theft: Two men stole a flatscreen TV from Sears and an officer tracked down the car to westbound SR 512. The men were caught on footage stealing another TV as well. One suspect was booked for theft and the other also on multiple warrants.

DUI Accident: A female driver struck the bridge railing on N. Meridian at the Puyallup River. There were no injuries but she was found to be impaired. 

FEB. 4, 2013

Stolen Firearms: Three firearms were stolen during a residential burglary on 15th St. Pl. SW.

Storage Trailer Burglary: Suspects broke into a storage trailer at Toys R Us. 

FEB. 5, 2013

Theft: Unknown suspects stole about $1,000 worth of metal and pipe fittings from a site on Highlands Blvd.

Threats: A 14-year-old student at Ferrucci Junior High was expelled for making threats to shoot fellow students after they were allegedly making racist comments about him. It did not appear to investigators that the boy had the means to carry out the threats.

K-9 Arrest: K-9 unit Timber assisted in an arrest that netted over 30 grams of meth and a stolen firearm in Lakewood.

Stolen Gun Recovery: A car was stolen from the NW Motor Inn parking lot, and K-9 units tracked the suspects to Good Samaritan Hospital—they were caught on camera going in to the hospital separately. K-9 unit Maverick located their loaded firearm on the evidence track to the motel.

FEB. 6, 2013

False Statements, Warrant Arrest: Police stopped a car on E. Pioneer Ave. for a red light violation, the female driver had a suspended license and her passenger was acting very nervous and attempted to hide a flashlight, gloves and a knife in the car upon contact. The passenger lied about his identity but his true name was uncovered along with a warrant.

Warrant Arrest: A highly intoxicated man was found passed out on the rear loading dock of Safeway. He had a warrant out for his arrest.

FEB. 7, 2013

Freezing Nights Trespass: Freezing Night officials alerted Puyallup Police to a guest who was a registered Level III sex offender. He admitted to police he was staying the Freezing Nights program only for a few days after a fight with his parents in Lakewood. Police could not establish that he had failed to register in Lakewood, but he was trespassed from the program and returned to his address.

DUI: Puyallup Police made three DUI arrests Thursday night, on E. Main Ave., E. Meeker Ave. and Shaw Road.

Malicious Mischief: A man was detained and arrested after a security officer at a car dealership reported he damaged a city speed sign on River Road. He admitted to damaging the sign with a rock while he was walking by.

Felony Warrant Arrest: A man was arrested at Motel Puyallup for a felony warrant. He answered the door to his motel room while only wearing a towel and police arrested him without incident.

Malicious Mischief: Someone smashed out all the windows to a vehicle parked on 5th St. SW with what appears to be a BB gun. Nothing was missing from the vehicle.

Liquor Violation: A man was found to be drinking a beer in Grayland Park and had a bloody nose. He was cited and trespassed from the park.

Residential Burglary: Numerous items including two handguns were stolen from a home on 2nd Ave. NE.

Assault: A man staying at the Motel Puyallup was chasing off an unidentified subject before assaulting the man staying in the room next door to his and pushing him through the room’s window. He resisted arrest and officers believed he was under the influence of alcohol and narcotics.

FEB. 9, 2013

Drug Possession: A man was arrested for methamphetamine possession and an outstanding warrant on E. Main.

Involuntary Commit, Malicious Mischief: A man jumped on a vehicle traveling down 23rd Ave. SE and smashed the windshield. He then jumped on other cars that were driving slow because of the incident. He said he had mental issues and was involuntarily committed to a hospital.

DUI, Hit and Run: A man was involved in a collision with another vehicle and pulled into the parking lot of Home Depot. He exited on foot but was located and detained nearby. Once in custody, he started slamming his head against the car windshield and then on the pavement when he was removed from the car. It was the man’s third DUI arrest. The other driver sustained no injuries.

DUI: A man was pulled over for failing to stop at a red light and improper lane use at the Shaw Road extension and was found to be almost double the legal limit. He said he had been drinking at a club in Seattle, this was his third DUI violation.

Theft: A man and his underage girlfriend were caught attempting to steal a watch and other items from Walmart. He had over a gram of heroin on his person and the girl had 59 Oxycodone pills on her as well. The man was booked in Pierce County Jail and the girl was released to her parents.

Motor Vehicle Recovery: A U-Haul filled with a retired couple’s entire belongings was recovered behind the Best Western parking lot.

DUI-Marijuana: A driver was stopped for improper lane travel after he attempted to drive up the SR 512 off ramp from Pioneer before jumping the raised median. He admitted to just finishing a marijuana cigarette and he was booked for DUI. 

FEB. 10, 2013

DUI Collision: A man fell asleep behind the wheel on Wildwood Park Drive and wiped out about 30 feet of fence and hit a Douglas Fir head on. He was found to be over the legal limit.

Hit and Run: A female driver was arrested for hit and run after she struck another vehicle at River Road and S. Meridian and fled the scene. She got lost in a one-way loop and was located by police. She was also arrested for a number of warrants.

Attempted Theft, Assault: Four subjects attempted to steal $1200 worth of merchandise from Walmart. They were detained at the door and one of the suspects punched a loss prevention employee before fleeing. No merchandise was stolen. 

dexterjibs March 19, 2013 at 07:53 AM
Geez, Puyallup sure has some weird people. Glad I live in South Praire.


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