Meeker Mansion Added to Puyallup’s Historical Registry

Ezra Meeker’s turn-of-the-century mansion has been a local landmark since its construction, but now it’s officially one of Puyallup’s Historical Places.

Puyallup’s most famous mansion is officially a local historic landmark, thanks to a unanimous vote by the City Council at the Nov. 27 meeting.

Tuesday’s decision made Meeker Mansion, managed by the Ezra Meeker Historical Society, an official member of the Puyallup Register of Historical Places.

Meeker Mansion is already on the National Register of Historic Places, but being added to the local register helps solidify its significance to Puyallup history. It also makes the Ezra Meeker Society eligible for grant funding through Pierce County and a possible tax valuation from Puyallup to maintain the property.

The 17-room Victorian-style mansion was built by Ezra Meeker, an Oregon Trail pioneer, hop farmer and first mayor of Puyallup. The mansion is open for tours and is home to many local traditions. The mission of the Ezra Meeker Historical Society is to return the home to the condition it was in during 1891, the year after it was completed.

Learn more about the Meeker Mansion on its official website.

What's your favorite memory of Meeker Mansion? Tell us in the comments.


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